Monday, February 6, 2012

The Legend Killer

The Legend Killer has been accepted into the Spring issue of Indie Comic Magazine.

That will be a slightly trimmed version of one of the story's in the first issue of The Legend Killer which will be self published by 11/88 Studios.

The version in the magazine will be eight pages instead of ten and it'll be the Werewolf story done by Jethro Morales. Jethro also worked with me on Growing Pains. He did chapter 3.

The Legend Killer will also be sold at the 2012 Cherry Capital Con.

It will feature a ten page story by Jethro Morales (Werewolf story) and another ten page story by Tyler Sowles (Vampire story). The cover was colored by new frequent colorist Maria Belen Pilaftsidis-Horsch.

And it features the letters of MaGnUs and the editing of Nick Caldwell.

I think that sums the update up.

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