Thursday, April 19, 2012

One Month

Sorry it's been a while (For anyone that actually pays attention to this. I just noticed I'm on the list of exhibitors for the 2012 Cherry Capital Con.

I'm been doing a much better job of keeping my Facebook page up to date and doing a slightly better job keeping my Deviant Art up to date.

Last year was a year of learning for me. I had no idea what to expect as far as sales go and had just enough arrogance to vastly over estimate what I could do outside the convention and inside the convention.

This year I have a little more to offer for a lot less.

So here is the list of things for sale. I'm still working on the prices though.

Growing Pains
Modern Hood
The Legend Killer (Makes it's comic debut)

Green Lantern Master Splinter (For charity)
Red Lantern Demona (For charity)
Yellow Lantern Scarecrow (For charity)
Modern Hood convention cover (For Joseph & Henrik)
11/88 Studios Group shot (Features The Legend Killer staring Tyler Kirk (Growing Pains) & Modern Hood down.)

Along with all that I'll have a couple long boxes and a box or two of various comics, trades, books, toys and DVD's from my personal collection. Hope to see everyone there.

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