Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Superbowl 45 and a new book (Maybe)

The Packers are going to the Superbowl. That's great news for me and not so much for Jay Quitter or Bears fans. (Steelers fans also?)

It's been a long time sense it's happened and I can't wait to see it happen again. Green bay is home of title town because of it's 12 NFL titles. No NFL team has more than Green Bay. It's time to bring Lombardi back home where he belongs.

Now comes the superstitious side of me. A while ago my Uncle told me an interesting fact. About every 30 years Green Bay wins the title. That's simply not accurate but when I was younger it seemed accurate. However, I'm still being very superstitious right now. I've never been this way. But I wore a Packer's shirt I had gotten for Christmas the day Green Bay beat the Eagles in the Wild Card round. I left it unwashed, and wore it the day Green Bay decimated the #1 seed Falcons. Once again, I left it unwashed and wore it Sunday when Green Bay walked into Soldier field and won the biggest game of the Green Bay/Chicago rivalry history.

Now it's been 13 years since Green Bay has been to the Superbowl. Unlucky 13. Last time they went, they lost to Denver and John Elway. Our chance to win our 13th NFL title and we lost to a guy that couldn't win a single one.

Now 13 years later we return again for a chance to win our 13th title.

Yeah, I'm a bit scared. I'll be even more scared come Superbowl Sunday.

Now for that other book. Almost two years ago I had written a script for someone and like many scripts, I assumed it would turn into nothing. I just got an e-mail saying the book was half way done and he wanted me to keep writing it ongoing. I'm game so we'll see what happens. The book is supposed to be out this year, once it's ready to have announcements, I'll make some.

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