Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Scripts, C3 & Super Bowl

Sunday is getting closer. It'll be a one day vacation for me. It's not secret I'm a Packer fan (especially if you've met me in person). I'd watch the game regardless, but to have my team in it also. I can't wait. 13 years ago, I was never someone that cared about the kick off, now I can't wait for it.

Plus, as a movie fan, so many tv spots to watch out for.

Captain America, Thor, Transformers, Super 8, Cowboys & Aliens.

Those are the only one I care for. And I have a bit of an invested interest in Cowboys and Aliens. Hollywood logic.

Come February 7th, I'll start making announcements on what I will be selling at the 11/88 Studios tables during C3.

And as soon as I can tell you more about the story I'm writing for someone else I will. I'm going to start scripting that very soon.

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