Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Future Merchandise

I added another t-shirt "If Popularity Contests mattered, People Would Care About MTV Award Shows".

That was actually a line I said talking to some friends at Right Brain Brewery after the recent Cherry Capital Con.

But there are other plan for merchandise, some taking on pop culture while others not so much. I need to feel proud to wear it.

I currently have the three 11/88 Studios shirt and I would be proud to wear each one. Actually, I own three versions of the "Comics Are Life" t-shirt, and I'll discuss why in another post. The other two, I don't get them for free or I would buy one of each right away.

I have plans for a Legend Killer one down the line. But right now, The Legend Killer hasn't even been published, that is a character that needs to earn his spot more before he gets' his own shirt.

No plans for a Growing Pains one.

No legit plans for a 12 shirt or God's of War one either.

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