Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Future Books

There will be more books down the road.

12 is basically done, all that is left is the letters. Right now I'm avoiding that and trying to pay off the credit card.

The Legend Killer will be out for free comic book day locally (and free online), then sold at the next Cherry Capital Con. But that character will see plenty of more stories.

God's of War is still being tweaked, but it has potential for more, not necessarily, but more of a spin off.

Growing Pains is another. Don't worry. It won't have anything to do with Tyler Kirk. But it's a label that would allow other stories to be told under that label. Simply more stories about people growing through life dealing with the struggles life brings and everyone dealing with them differently.

Kids Corner was a book I did to prove I could do a kids book. So naturally, I can do plenty more kids stories under the "Kids Corner" label.

I think Planet Reboot is in line after that. But now I need to finish work on "God's of War".

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