Thursday, August 19, 2010


This has nothing to do with 11/88 Studios. This is about a recent Ebay purchase.

It's common knowledge that buying things online is always a risk. Some places are a bigger risk than other and some places seem like a bigger risk than others.

I just bought something off Ebay. Actually I bought a Toys R' Us exclusive Rodimus Minor and Arcee for $32 and $12 shipping and handling.

Now in my defense, you might be thinking I should be paying off bills instead of buying toys. And you're right, but you only live once and generally, the only thing I buy for myself is comics.

Anyway, this is about the packaging. The god awful packing. I was going to leave them neutral feeback, (they have 100%). But the more I thought about it, the more neutral seemed unfair to others. I e-mailed the seller and have no response after three days. Sorry, I'm impatient, I wanted to give the person a fair chance. But my rule of thumb when shipping things to anyone is I package it to ensure the product is not damaged no matter how beat to hell the package gets.

Here is the link to the auction so you can decide what you would expect to get in return.

Below are pictures, I don't think I need to say anything else. There are a couple images of my hand in the box, that is not me opening the box, that's how bad the tape job is.

My intent really isn't to call anyone out, it's to inform people. When I contacted the person, it wasn't to get the items returned, honestly, the toys will be opened and they're undamaged, but if I found them like that in a store, I would hope they store marks the price down on them.

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