Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two Weeks

I'm sitting here at my pc drinking Blue Moon Honey Wheat.

First off, I don't recommend it. It's like a Blue Moon Light to me. There is a bit of bite, but no flavor. I'm not tasting any hint of honey. Then again, I'm not someone that sits with a food or drink in my mouth looking for all the flavors. I eat to get rid of hunger and drink to get rid of thirst....or get drunk or buzzed.

I'm also drinking out of a Fear Pint glass. In Blackest Day, In Brightest Night, Beware Your Fears Made Into Light, Let Those Who Try And Stop What's Right, Burn Like His Power, SINESTRO'S MIGHT!

Yeah, Sinestro Corps for life.

Oh, I'm watching Dexter season 3 also. That would be a fun show to write, the drawback is how natural I think it'd come for me to write it. That's not good.

Anyway, the Cherry Capital Con is two weeks away, about 13 days actually.

Modern Hood was successful on Kick Starter, the print and book marks have arrived, I'm waiting for the Modern Hood books to arrive.

I'm hoping to pull in a few grand for myself personally. Then I'll be able to pay off a credit card or come close to it.

There will be plenty of things to purchase also.

Limited edition prints featuring Splinter (TMNT) as a Green Lantern, Demona (Gargoyles) as a Red Lantern. I mean, she was a bitch before, and to add onto that the fact that she's a female and might deal with a period and now a Red Lantern. She's a perfect fit. Also Scarecrow as a Yellow Lantern.

Then I will have a Modern Hood print and print featuring some characters from the 11/88 Studios world.

I'll have Growing Pains and Modern Hood there.

And some book marks along with comics and graphic novels from my personal collection.

11/88 books will be $5 each and the prints will be $10 each and sets of bookmarks for $1.

Books from my personal collection will be $1 each, hard covers for $10 and paper backs will be $5.

Hope to see you there.

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