Sunday, April 24, 2011

28% ($156 of $555)

Kick Starter is going steady. 25 days left and it's up to $156 backed of the needed $555.

And to top it off, I just added two new backer rewards.

$5 will get you a few different Modern Hood book marks. And I will also add a sketch book signed by Joseph that features some of his untouched penciled work.

$15 will get you a copy of my first self published book (Growing Pains) signed by myself and the inker of chapter 2 and Modern Hood Henrik Horvath. And it will also get you a copy of the original pitch that was sent off to publishers and I'll have that signed by Myself, Joseph and Henrik also.

The only thing about the backing that isn't great news to the backers is the turn around time. The convention is June 25th. That is when the preview copies will be signed by myself, David & Maria. Then between the time to recover and hopefully deal with lots of money, I'll be headed back to work. Then I will have to package everything up, then ship everything to Hungary to be signed by Henrik, then he'll send them to the Philippines to be signed by Joseph, then Joseph sends them back to me. And then I send them out. So I'd hope everything has arrived by the start of August.

Onto other things.

Happy Easter to those that celebrate it.

On another note. I received the first (Almost final) version of the first page Maria has done for Modern Hood. Looks great.

The start of next month I'll reveal the next print that will be for sale at the 11/88 Studios tables during C3.

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