Monday, July 26, 2010

Growing Pains #1

Below are links to Growing Pains #1.

To preview the book, click below for each respective chapter.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

The PDF has an ugly filename once it's upload, but it does work.

Hotfile PDF
Hotfile CBR/CBZ

Megaupload PDF
Megaupload CBR/CBZ


Myebook - Growing Pains #1 - click here to open my ebook

Growing Pains is a bit of a coming of age story with zero hidden themes. It's simply about a boy as he grows up without his father and his journey to bring the man down that is responsible for his father's death.

Here are some preview pages if you don't want to click the chapter links above.

Enjoy the book?

Donations are greatly appreciated. I'm not expecting to make a profit, but it'd be incredible to break even.

My Plan

It seems to me there are two ways about dealing with the internet and it's downloads.

#1 Treat is like it's the devil and try to fight a battle that's impossible to win.

#2 Embrace it and use it.

I'm a no body. Odds are you've never heard of me. So I need to give you incentive to purchase my work. So for the time being, what I will be doing, is uploading my comics (with watermarks) online. Everyone can view them free of charge and hopefully you'll be willing to donate a $1 or $2 so I can keep doing this. But the way I see it, whether you do decide to donate money to me or not after reading my books, you still read my books. Right now, exposure is what I need.

I will be uploading the digital comics in multiple places (Hotfile, Megaupload & Demonoid.)

They will be in PDF and CBR/CBZ format.

For those unfamiliar with CBR/CBZ files. They're essentially picture viewers for rar files. They are the greatest thing in the world. It takes seconds to install the reader and it's a couple MB big after installation if my memory serves me correctly.

You can find the CBR viewer here.


Welcome to the official blogspot of Keith Frederick Robinson & 11/88 Studios.

Due to current finances the official website is not quite what I was looking for. But that will change eventually. Rome wasn't built over night and neither will 11/88 Studios.

So for now I'll have four basic sites I link to. (My blogspot to get all the news. (My Deviant Art page. You can find all my writing samples there and they're neatly organized.)

Facebook. (Working on that link. Just search "Keith Frederick Robinson's 11/88 Studios". And then click "Like".