Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cincy 2013

Now that the 11/88 Studios name in on the site and linked here, I figured I should write something about it. Problem is my mind is focused elsewhere. I just picked up a second job to be able to take the trip down there and Disney in November. So I haven't really thought about pricing as much and considering it's a bigger show than the Cherry Capital Con, I want to price to give myself the maximum benefit, that doesn't mean high prices though, it means a respectable price so people don't think I'm selling garbage, but it also means a way to get rid of extra copies of Growing Pains and get extra exposure out for Modern Hood. Considering this is not in my backyard, I won't have unlimited inventory that I can simply bring extra from home or my car, I get to bring what I have, make sure I have room for it along with myself and Nick, so I get to decide what prints to bring, how many and how many of each comic. Fun times. You can always look through past posts or here on DA and I think even the side bar, but the comics and prints I have are as follows. Comics Growing Pains Modern Hood The Legend Killer 12 Indie Comics Magazine Prints 11/88 Trio Modern Hood Green Lantern Splinter Yellow Lantern Scarecrow Red lantern Demona

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