Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 13

Well, it's now April of 2013. What do I have coming up? Lots and little. This year and possibly next year i will be moving my focus to paying off debt and be debt free the way I used to be. The result of that is the following. "12" That will be my last solo book for a year or two and by solo, I mean no other friends helped contribute other stories when I had it completed initially. As of recent events, Collin Avery has contributed two pages and I through in 2 pages to cover what Kevin wasn't able to contribute to due some family issues. (Family is top priority) Because family is top priority, 2013 will be a tough year. My plan of attack is a lot. Release "12", finish Modern Hood (that will FINALLY happen), go to C3 (Cherry Capital con), hopefully shortly after that I'll be paying back the failed Kick Starter campaign, later in the year I'll be going to the Cincy Con and no doubt be visiting my Brother (back to family), after that I go on a family trip to Disney in Florida with my family. What's in my future comic wise? I'll have help from a few friends (Brian, Collin, Gordon, Kevin & Nick). As far as my solo work goes? I'm going through my final edit of "God's of War" right now. I'm debating on a plan to launch a sort of anthology web comic. Then we'll see where we go from there.

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