Monday, July 30, 2012

Breaking Bad

While today has been a wasted day, I'm watching Breaking Bad and did actually get a few of the (I think 43 comics current comics) read today. I just realized I haven't updated this blog in a while and I know some people are finding it and to my surprise, some people are buying digital copies of my books on Drive Thru Comics. I figured I should give you some kind of an update. I'm working on a web comic. A highschool gradeschool buddy of mine that I've known for a long time is working on it with me. When it launches it'll be out every couple weeks (we hope) and we're looking at January for the launch, possibly May. Hopefully in time we'll even see a redesign to my web site. Yeah, you're seeing it right, a whole lot of nothing. That's the update. Have a good day, until next time. Keith

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