Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Scatter Brained Recap of C3 2012

Well, all in all, I hear it was a success for everyone and that includes me. I think my fan base is growing, not by much, but there was a few newbies and oldies.

I sold 14 Lantern prints, 4 of the 11/88 group print & one Modern Hood print.

Then I sold 2 copies of growing Pains and I think 15 (not counting the five from my Mom) copies of The Legend Killer and looks like 6 copies of Modern Hood and even 2 copies of Indie Comics Magazine.

Things just went better this year, as I showed in the pics, I had a banner that seemed to work out very well (made the news). And my table wasn't cluttered. I brought in more than I needed, but I also kept a lot in my car.

The bad news is we think the extra success was because of memorial weekend. That might mean memorial weekend next year too. I know I'm doing "12" (I think in color) next year, and I think between the lowered prices and having things pre-signed, that helped sales.

Not exactly sure what I’ll do to make next year better. I know I need new stands for the prints, I had to improvise on that this year, but they worked great for the books.

I might get another L banner. Not sure what I’d do for it, I got the Growing pains cover on the one I had, but it didn’t increase sales on Growing Pains at all.

I might throw in a back up story in “12”, I might not. I know I want to get Maria up for next years convention and hopefully David too. And with major respect to Jethro, I might ask Tyler Sowles (Killustrations Studios) or Ryan Lee so a cover for “12” or maybe a bit of a mash up cover.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by and supported me. I’m hoping for better numbers next year. I don’t care how I get you to my table, if it’s being local or having the last name Robinson (I heard it at the show), as long as you like my work, that’s my goal.

See you next year,
Keith Frederick Robinson

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