Sunday, March 13, 2011

Second Print

I sit here at my pc watching/listening to Trailer Park Boys. If you've never heard of it check it out. It's like the office meets cops from the criminal point of view. It's a Canadian series set in a trailer park, it's a mockumentary about a few criminals. Very very funny.

Anyway, the pub crawl is this Thursday (St. Patty's Day) where everyone is Irish and family.

I happen to actually be Irish, mainly German. I don't have much of a temper. In fact, it takes a lot of me to get physical when I'm angry. And I do mean a lot, that just means I'm a happy drunk. I laugh at plenty.

I'm training right now for the crawl with Taco bell, Jim Beam Red Stag (That's the ONLY Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch (It's all the same, for real) that I can drink) and Shock Top (I love Wheat Beers).

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

You want the second print. All 20 of you or more. Well, I'll be honest. I watch quite a few people on DA and don't know why. Although sometimes they remind me.

The second print is anther X-Over the way Green Lantern Splinter is.

Scarecrow as a Yellow Lantern.

Scarecrow is done by Ethan Van Sciver and colored by Maria Belen Pilaftsidis-Horsch.

A note on Ethan. This sketch was actually done at a C3 Pre show by Ethan. it wasn't until very later that I thought it would make a cool print to sell. I did ask Ethan for his approval and he allowed it. I wouldn't do it without his permission. And all the proft on the print goes to charity. As a creator/reader I feel disrespectful selling comics signed by a creator. As a creator I feel it's perfectly acceptable to do whatever you can to make sure the books with your name have a resell value and hopefully don't end up in the quarter or dollar bin. I just wish Marvel and DC felt the same way. But that's virtually impossible, they could up their standards though. Every company can.

Until next time.
The Champ is STILL here.
Keith Robinson
Green Bay Packer Fan Forever.

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