Sunday, November 28, 2010

Reminder on Growing Pains Pre-Order

Growing Pains is still up for pre-order.

Growing Pains has nothing to do with the tv show. I thought the name was fitting for the book.

It's a coming of age story about (Tyler Kirk) growing without his father in his life. Soon into Tyler's life, his father is taken from him, now Tyler goes on a journey to get justice for his father, while being obsessed with not becoming his father to his own son.

It is a massive collaboration between myself and nine artists. (All of which are credited appropriately in the credits page below.

The book cost $4 and the shipping will cost $4.95. So you're paying $8.95 total. I will ship the books out right around January 5th, but it also depends when I get them.

If you live outside of the US and want a copy e-mail me and I'll do my best to get a copy to you at a fair price for both of us.

Previously, I mentioned I would make it worth the retailers time if they wanted to carry the book. Not the case anymore. My cockiness was humbled very fast as soon as I talked to the printer. This printing will not only not make me money, any profit I might make might cover the interest on the credit card. But I know how to prevent that problem in the future now.

Here are some preview pages.

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