Monday, July 26, 2010

My Plan

It seems to me there are two ways about dealing with the internet and it's downloads.

#1 Treat is like it's the devil and try to fight a battle that's impossible to win.

#2 Embrace it and use it.

I'm a no body. Odds are you've never heard of me. So I need to give you incentive to purchase my work. So for the time being, what I will be doing, is uploading my comics (with watermarks) online. Everyone can view them free of charge and hopefully you'll be willing to donate a $1 or $2 so I can keep doing this. But the way I see it, whether you do decide to donate money to me or not after reading my books, you still read my books. Right now, exposure is what I need.

I will be uploading the digital comics in multiple places (Hotfile, Megaupload & Demonoid.)

They will be in PDF and CBR/CBZ format.

For those unfamiliar with CBR/CBZ files. They're essentially picture viewers for rar files. They are the greatest thing in the world. It takes seconds to install the reader and it's a couple MB big after installation if my memory serves me correctly.

You can find the CBR viewer here.

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